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|| tonight God answered one of my biggest prayer request. those who are close to me know I’ve been going through a very challenging situation and God interceded and it truly is a breakthrough. I’m literally crying out to God thanking him so much for continuously being there for me. it’s not about asking him for things when you’re in need, it’s about continuously praising him regardless of what your going through. I encourage anyone who is slipping away from God because you think he doesn’t hear you, to give him another try. I’m a living testament to his faithfulness. || #thankful #GodAnswersPrayers

often times we look at intimacy as someone we physically touch. we think of a significant other. we think intimacy is all physical, but this quote couldn’t have defined intimacy any better. telling someone our goals an aspirations is intimate. telling someone about things you struggle with is intimate. those crazy thoughts you’d never share with just anybody, but that person you know has your back regardless of how far fletched something may be is intimate. | it takes a lot to be intimate and for me that makes the best relationships when you’ve accomplished this level of intimacy. | who are you intimate with? #quotes #intimacy #goodstuff #inspiration

*Short story* All my life I’ve had insecurities and was afraid to be myself. As a result I was super shy and very introverted. Sports was really all I had to be that something I could do and not be me. It was my escape. Once sports was over I realized there’s got o be more to life than that. OP was that something. Was great about it is it’s not about me. It’s a place I can be free and express myself while letting others express themselves as well. God really knows what he’s doing. So I’m thankful for friends like @simone_deann. She started coming to OP this past summer and she supports us 💯. To read her story and to see how much we’ve helped her and inspired her is absolutely phenomenal. I’m jut that genuine type of person that wants to see everyone win. I thank God for allowing me this opportunity and helping make a difference in people’s lives.

This group of guys are some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met in my life. With whatever talent they have they know who they do it for. It’s more than a clique, it’s a lifestyle. Check them and the #hxxligan movement out! They are also some ordinary people, doing extraordinary things! Love theses dudes! @hooliganmovement #teamop #opfam #bp #beechphotography #movement #hxxligans

"The feeling’s so rare I can’t describe. But it’s the little things, that seems to get to me. Like when you kiss me on my forehead. Or sing to me before I go to bed. Or hold me like you just had, your first born… Baby. And when you smile,that smile. I can go the extra mile, for that smile. That smile." - Sha Sha Jones #Smile

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